Upgrading my drives in My Cloud EX2 2-disk NAS

Hi there, I am about to run out of storage on my My Cloud EX2 2-disk NAS.

Can I simply replace the drives, one by one with larger drives and wait while the old drive mirrors itself to the new one?

To be specific, I currently have 2x 3TB drives and want to replace them with 2x 6TB drives.

Thanks in advance for any responses with the information I need.


You can refer the link mentioned below and follow the instructions to successfully upgrading the internal hard drives to larger capacity.

I’m not sure this has worked.

I have replaced both original drives per the instructions with 6TB drives. However, Drive 1 still appears as only 2.94TB (the original size) and Drive 2 appears as 6TB. I’m told there is 6TB of space free but I really am confused. When I go into the NAS dashboard I see this:

RAID Volume
Volume 1 RAID 1 2.94TB Good
Volume 2 Spanning 5.95TB Good

I’m told I have 6TB free but when I map the network drive I use it still insists I only 187GB left out of the 2.94TB.

The instructions I was given a link to do not seem to understand that I wanted to upgrade my existing EX2 from 2x 3TB disks to 2x 6TB discs.

What has happened and how to I ensure I have 6TB of storge which is being properly duplicated (e.g. RAID1).