Maximum Hard Drive Capacity for WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra?

Hi, Looking to find out what the Maximum Hard Drive Capacity WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra.

I’ve been advised its 16TB but they weren’t sure… and I’m hoping its at least 20TB (10TB each slot)…

Thanks in advanced!

Hi sloanb,

Yes, 16TB is the maximum hard drive capacity of WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra.

Hi Alex,

Thanks for responding.

Can you please confirm, as the tech specs page says 20TB

it seems that they have made some updates

I am looking at some nice 16TB and 18TB drives. My original EX2 Ultra came with only 12TB I think, it’s showing 10.8 formatted. So Can I get two 18TB units and make 36TB NAS ? I mean I remember back in the day we had concrete numbers because of limitations of the file table, then controllers. Is there a limit I can use in EX2 Ultra? I mean the same specs, same port, same voltage, and the same way HDD communicates with controllers.

I I guess I am looking for something like tea I tried 16TB x 2 and EX2 Ultra wouldn’t recognize drives or couldn’t make RAID0 array, or something like that. Because it seems no one knows for sure. When I called and asked WD, they basically said it was like 20TB. The only reason because they had 10TB drives MAX at that time. My guess.


Its 20TB on each internal bay, maximum total of 40TB in RAID 0 configuration. Maximum size for external drives connected to each USB port is 4TB total of 8TB. The maximum aggregated capacity between the 2 USB ports and 2 internal bays is 48TB.

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Where did you find this information?

So I can get a set of larger drives, say 16 or 18 TB and use them in my NAS and not need to change out my NAS?