Upgrade drives and resize iSCSI target

I have a My Cloud EX2 with two 4TB drives in Raid1 and on them is a single almost 4TB iSCSI target
I now need more space for this 4TB LUN so I thought of the following process

  1. replace one of the disks with a 6TB disk and let EX2 resync the raid1
  2. replace the other disk with 6TB disk and again let EX2 resync
  3. Now I will have 6TB drives hosting a 4TB iSCSI LUN.

Will I be able to resize the LUN after this process or will I need to format it all and start over? (which I prefer not to do)

Are there any other ways?

i dont know if free space would be there. But you can create new leftout 2tb as seperate lun if you want. As far as upgrade it should give 2tb unused which can be created as seperate lun

I doubt this would work, but it’s been awhile since I’ve played with RAID. You could insert a bigger drive, but when RAID 1 rebuilds, it will only resize up to the original 4TB, not more. The extra 2TB would be left unused. You’ll probably need to use a third party tool to manually resize the partitions instead.

With this function, RAID group capacity can be expanded by replacing hard disk drives in a RAID group array one by one. This option is supported for the following RAID types: RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6 and RAID 10. Follow these steps to expand a RAID group:

  1. Go to “Storage Manager” > “STORAGE” > “Storage Space”.
  2. Double click a storage pool to bring up the Storage Pool Management page.
  3. Select a RAID group and click “Manage” > “Expand Capacity”.
  4. Select at least one hard disk drive. After the description displays “Please remove this drive”, remove the hard disk drive from the NAS or expansion enclosure.
  5. After the description displays “You can replace this drive”, plug in the new hard disk drive to the drive slot. Repeat the same process for all hard drives to be replaced. Click “Expand Capacity” to continue.
  6. Click “Yes”.
  7. The chosen RAID group is expanded.

The above is for different NAS but similar way works.

I have an My Cloud EX2 and what DirtyMacho suggests COULD work.
In your webportal, option to expand your drive is hidden.
If you first do what Dani_Avni suggest, you still need to expand the volume. This option however is kinda hidden.

  1. Click Storage
  2. Click “Change RAID Mode” (Why put this here?)
  3. Press “OK” on the prompt to stop all activity on the drives
  4. Select your current RAID config (mine is RAID 1)
  5. Check “Expand Capacity”
  6. Follow prompts from there.