Updating My Cloud Home to OS5

So, my My Cloud Home device stopped being visible to Time Machine on my Mac about a week ago. That seems to be a known problem.

My question is how to update it to OS5? The instructions here:
involve pointing a browser to:

http:// wdmycloud.local/

but nothing is there. It says if I’ve changed its name to use that name, but how do I find its name? I thought maybe it’s the name I see in the finder, so I tried:

http:// mycloud-XXXXXXX.local/

but that gives me:

{“key”:“notFound”,“message”:“Not Found”}

Am I doing the right thing? I feel like I’ll need OS5 as a first step to getting Time Machine going whenever that becomes possible…


First, what WD Device do you own? A My Cloud Home does not use OS5!

Gah, the “Home” thing strikes again!

I ran down a similar rabbit hole before. You’d think I’d learn.