The MyCloud folder stopped showing up

Hello there,
I have a problem with os 5 i guess. Using it on a Mac
since the last update, whenever I click on my storage on the WD Discovery menu in order to make the MyCloud home folder appear in the Finder, nothing happens. I mean, it seems like it tries to make something happen, but the folder does not show up.
This is very annoyng, anybody got the same issue? How did you solve it?
Thanks in advance.

Do you have a My Cloud Home device? The My Cloud Home is completely different than the My Cloud device. The My Cloud Home does not support OS5. WD Discovery is typically for the My Cloud Home not My Cloud. The My Cloud Home looks like this:

There is a subforum for the My Cloud Home devices where people more familiar with that device may be able to assist.:

One can click in the Support link and Knowledge Base link at the top of the web page to find additonal information and support for the My Cloud Home device.