Updating Apps

Hi all, what distro does the Transmission app use on my EX2? I’ve just noticed it’s version 2.77 when on Transmissions website 2.83 is out. Via the weblet I can’t update it or via the WD Apps secion.

Hello, check page 100 of the manual for the steps to update an app once the update becomes available. 


Thanks Ichigo, question regarding the P2P app, I’m having trouble getting it to work sometimes.
Sometimes the list of active downloads fails to show. I’ve reset the device to factory defaults and this helps for the first use, but if you keep the window open for X amount of time, or browse away and come back to the page it doesn’t show the list. I’ve tried this on other browsers and it’s the same situation.

Also could you identify these two processes, they max the CPU, even when there’s no file syncing in progress


Thanks in advance.