Update Twonky server

Hello. I have a question. I want to update twonky server in my passport wireless, but do not know how. I’m use Google and found a way to upgrade to version 5 on 8.0.2. However, the way to look, it is not safe. I want to know how update twonky server


it is possible to update the Twonky Server, but then you would void your Guarantee because you would need to Access your Device via SSH. And you’ll not be able to use the OEM License of Western Digital, so you would need to purchase a License Key from Lynx Tech. which is about 20 USD i think.

Although there are no designated Versions for the MPW you can use the ones for other WD Models as long as they are ARM Hf Binaries.

So, if you really want to go through with this, i may be able to help you. But don’t forget that its always possible to break your Drive while Accessing via SSH, especially if you don’t know what you are doing.


I presume WD will make a new Twonky available for their devices when necessary. I find the Twonky on my 1st gen MPW, WDTV and My Cloud NAS works just fine. If you are having issues, it is not coming from Twonky.

same question, but mine is older and there doesnt seem to be any plans from wd to do this. however, i found l ink to twonky updates, i just ahve no idea how to update since the device has no tool for doing this. anyone have any ideas?