If Twonky Released 2.2.5-6.0.37 to the world - where's the WD update?

Correct me if I’m wrong, if this is stated on the Twonky web site.

“NAS Versions    The NAS builds below are provided “as is” for advanced users who wish to install them at their own risk.    We do not provide technical support for INSTALLATION and CONFIGURATION of these versions.    These versions can also be activated with a TwonkyServer 5.x license key.”

And I believe this is the link to the ppc zipfile referenced in the forum for manually upgrading Twonky.


 Would it be fair to expect WD release a firmware upgrade to include the new TM & Twonky Server which would mitigate most of the issues being seen (especially w/ Samsung, like mine which I cannot stream mp4 videos with the MBL but I can with my upgraded PC)?? I would think it would take a few days to prepare and test such a release.

It’s stated the 5.x license key is valid for this release.


Just a question.


Now that is interesting.  I’ve PMed Tony so he don’t miss this.

Coincidentally Firmware Version 02.10.09-1​24 for My Book Live was released the day I submitted this post (11/17/11).

I read the release notes; which there’s quite a few issues addressed by this release but no mention of a Twonky update.

I performed the update sucessfully:

MyBookLive 02.10.09-124 : Core F/W

Twonky Media Server: 5.1.9 {unchanged}

As I alluded to in my first post, I believe upgrading will fix my mp4 streaming to Samsung issue because I have a desktop with Twonky Manager running Twonky Media server 6.0.37.

The desktop was the source of the files for the MBL and streams all filetypes sucessfully to the Samsung TV. Interesingly, the Seagate media streamer I use for my smaller, non-networked less capable Samsung TV, streams all filetypes without problems from the earlier versioned MBL.

I don’t know how much work it actually is for WD to prepare and test a new release that would include TM 6.0.37, but it would be very much appreciated by the user community I’m sure. As far as licensing issues, etc., that should be resolved since they state the earlier ‘5’ keys will active the ‘6’ version.

I plan on manually upgrading soon; I do like the separate folder for the 6.0.37, seems cleaner to me. Not that I would expect to have to roll back. I will submit any suggestions to the main upgrade post if I think it’ll help. That post is the place to start.

Myron thanks for forwarding the info to Tony.


I mentioned in other threads that I wouldn’t comment on Twonky again, but since you keep bringing it up, one last comment from me :slight_smile:

We will not be upgrading the My Book Live to any version of Twonky in the future.

I know that might disappoint you, but as you mentioned in your post, there are other factors behind this. As you can see from this firmware update, we listen to this community and this update is certainly driven by many of your comments and feedback, but this is one thing we can’t do.


i suppose that’s a good reason for this forum, so one member can do it manually and tell another member how to do that and WD doesn’t have to officially endorse it but-hey-it’s-possible.

I’ll add ONE VERY IMPORTANT POINT to this thread.  If you or anyone else do install the very latest version of Twonky to a separate directory then my advise is DO NOT configure the MBL to automatically start the replacement Twonky server. Start it manually.

Ok, it’s an inconvenience but consider this. If the newer version of Twonky malfunctions then it may prevent the MBL from starting up properly. Effectivily bricking your MBL.  Far better to know that when you’re forced to “pull the plug” when you re-apply power then the Twonky server will not start and will not prevent any other official service from starting-up.

Quick question: Twonky 5.1.9 came with my MBL. How can I find out the key for that so I can use it for a later version? One of he previous comments in this thread says a 5.1 key works with 6.0.37.

No Twonky update in the new firmware update planned for the MYBOOK LIVE in April? - the one that is meant to unbrick all the Mybook Live Nas drives out there…LOL

Any further WD purchases by myself or anybody reading my blog…


second that.

it just p****s me off. the way this issue is handeled by wd is unbelievable, even to me, and i live in croatia where everyone f***s you in the head, with ignoring customers needs and wishes. 

but not even offering any hope, or maybe substitute server like servioo or some kind of modificated plex media server without transcoding , or anything…

no more wd nas for me and my family.