Update 2.30.181 Conflicts with Latest Plex

The update first hung up on reboot of the PR4100. Hard restart necessary. Plex Server app on the NAS initially reports successful login, but then reports there was a problem logging in and you can not configure Plex via the PR4100.

Reboot did nothing.

Tech support said to uninstall and reinstall the old version of Plex, and that works but some features I use are not available in that version. They basically said deal with it until Plex or WD figures out what happened.

Reinstalled Old Version of Plex and again updated. I can configure via plex.tv/web, so until they fix it… Any suggestions?

I’ve just checked and there’s nothing wrong with the latest app.

Update to the latest PR4100 firmware.
Which version of Plex are you trying to install?
Does this work: http://mycloudpr4100:32400/web/index.html
Or this: http://FILLINYOURNASIPADDRESS:32400/web/index.html

You can reset your plex settings over SSH

rm -rf /shares/Volume_1/Nas_Prog/plex_conf/*