Plex on PR4100?

I am trying to get Plex to work on my new PR4100. When I try to configure the program, I get the message that my NAS ( etc) refused to connect. I have de-installed the program and manually downloaded and installed the program from Plex designating the PR4100 version. I continue to get the refuse to connect message. HELP

Have you tried to uninstall and reboot, then install again?

Yes, I have de-installed, gotten out of MyCloud, went back to MyCloud, installed Plex manually and the message 192.168 etc refuses I have done that process several times and still get the same results.

I guess your plex media server crashed at some point and left its process pid file behind, preventing a new server to start.
Enable SSH and use these commands to remove it.

cd "/shares/Volume_1/Nas_Prog/plex_conf/Plex Media Server"

I proposed a permanent fix: