Unauthorised password reset

I have received an email that my mycloud.com password has changed. But I didn’t do this. What do I do now?

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Same thing happened to me today a little over 3 hours ago- I received a confirmation email that my password had been changed, which I did not authorize. I have tried resetting the password on mycloud.com and now I am not receiving the password reset emails. And of course, support is currently closed.

The same happened to me 10 hours ago.
I took several attempts to reset the password. There should be an option to easily delete or deactivate an existing account, so that one can start over.

I am not getting the password reset emails as well so I am not able to change my password to access mycloud to do any updates or changes.

As this has happened to others, I am concerned that their systems are compromised and someone has had access to all my data.

Who sent the e-mail? Did you try your old information before trying a reset?

I just signed in and I didn’t have any problems. I haven’t received any e-mails.


The email was a system generated email from mycloud.com:

What do you have setup in the Dashboard under Settings>Notifications? Did you just set up your My Cloud and create a Password? Check the Dashboard and see what you have showing under the Bell.


Did your message look like this?

I received this as well. This is why I have my NAS offline, as I don’t trust WD to secure this at all. Unfortunately, I realized these issues after purchasing my EX2.

No I did not just setup myCloud. It has been operational for some time and I did not access or use it yesterday before getting this email.

As you can see others on this thread have also had their passwords compromised.

Just trying to help, called troubleshooting, so you can rule out a notification from the My Cloud.


Those having this problem may want to report it. http://status.mycloud.com/os3

Received a reply from WD on this, see below. I am not confident my data wasn’t compromised, sounds like they were hacked and not admitting it.

WD reply:
Based on your concern, I would like to inform you that there was an internal error on the My Cloud server which caused the issue. I would recommend you to disregard the email if you haven’t requested to reset the password.

Also, Western Digital is aware of the situation. All the data in your drive is safe and secure and you may use the same email and password to access your My Cloud account and if you have changed the password then you can use the new credentials to access your account.

WD Community,

Password Reset and New Cloud Added Emails

I called yesterday and they seemed to have no idea and seemed unconcerned.

@leslierncnp please see this post Password Reset and New Cloud Added Emails

Well, in such cases people should understand how important is to save passwords in a password manager, and not in the browser, and how important the double authentication is! That email is a sign that someone has tried to steal you account. You are lucky if you can spot it before your information is stolen. Especially for cloud systems, always have a double protection! Because all your data is saved there! Try to call the customer line, maybe it was a mistake. Otherwise, get yourself a password manager, delete all your passwords from the browser, and link all your account with an email authorization!

This was not due to someone trying to steal their accounts - it was a glitch in the WD system that sent out an erroneous warning.