Could I have been hacked?

I have received an email that seeks to be from MyCloud telling me my password has been changed, i have not changed it and My Cloud seems to be working as normal. Could I have been hacked?

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Same question here. Got a password reset email in the middle of the night. I didn’t request a password reset.

Okay, well, I forwarded the “Password reset requested” email to “” which most companies have as a valid email, but it got returned. I’ll try to find a better address.

From the idiosyncratic limitations of the mycloud drive (no search feature, folders often only show a few of the files in them, no way to view files–they can only be downloaded, and getting signed out mid-upload) to the overall lack of response and help on this forum in general, my loyalty to WD (one 2T MyCloud drive, 1 8T drive, 4 4T drives (two dead), a 2T and a 1T drive) is taking some solid hits.