Unable to setup my book live


Hi there,

I am encountering a problem trying to set up mybook live with the installation disc. I am stuck at the ‘Discover’ option where it prompted me to continue, a pop up window shows that ‘the server returned an invalid or unrecognised response’. I am wondering if anyone has encountered this issue and if the problem has been solved. I have attached a printscreen as well, thanks!

Bump. Anyone?

Is the LED on the front a solid green?

Try setting it up from your web-browser. You don’t need any of the software on the cd.

for PC http://mybooklive
for MAC (I think) http://mybooklive.local

If you still don’t get a response in the web-browser, try holding the reset button on the back of the drive for 6 seconds and this will reboot the drive and set it to dhcp and remove the admin password.

If you have a PC and you want to use Smartware to backup files on your computer to the MyBookLive, download the latest version 1.6.5 at