Unable to play mpg files on iPad via my cloud app

I have just bought a 3tb my cloud device. I have copied all my files to it and installed the app on my iPad and iPhone. I can see all the files and they work fine on my dell laptop. I can see them all on my iPad too but I cannot find a way to play mpg movie files. I have a converter app on the iPad but cannot seem to get the files to play. Any suggestions?

What do you mean by “converter app?”

I loaded an app called media player that allows me to play movie files on the iPad but I cannot seem to get the files from the my cloud app. They just won’t play on my iPad. I guess it is an issue with iPads but I am not very techy so am looking for suggestions on how to open the movie files from my cloud on my iPad. Does that make sense?

You need to download the video file using the Cloud App, then go into the downloads list, select the video, then use the Action Button to “Open In…” the app you want.

Hello… For Christmas I received a WD My Cloud and am having a similar issue playing video files on my iPhone and iPad. My first issue is that I can only seem to play an actual file once it has downloaded, however, my boyfriend has android devices and is able to stream files. Is there an equivalent option for the iPhone and iPad. Also, as iTunes doesn’t support all file extensions I downloaded VLC. When I’m in the My Cloud app I select play in VLC but the only thing that opens is the “album art”, any suggestions. Thanks!

Sammer26 wrote:

When I’m in the My Cloud app I select play in VLC but the only thing that opens is the “album art”, any suggestions. Thanks!

That’s a bug in VLC.  I see the same thing no matter what I try to play, no matter what server is serving it.

can you play any mpg-videos with any player on your iPad without access from WD My Cloud? I’m not sure, but I think mpg files cannot be player on IOS. On Android I have to use a special player (VLC or mplayer2). iTunes has also problems to play mpg, QuickTime needs a mpeg-add-on. Important is also the used video and audio codec in the mpg-video file (use mediainfo to check)

There does not appear to be an ‘open with’ button ?

Yes, there is… Upper right corner action button has “Email Link” and “Open with…” actions.

Try the app 8player, worked great for me

Try the free lite version first see does it work for you, i had none, easy to use was straming films in seconds after downloading