Unable to open Microsoft file on OS5 ony open Photos and PDF

I just recently purchased a My Cloud Expert Series EX2 Ultra and although I have on my network all the pc’s on the network can access the files and open them without any problem.
But when I access the files via Cloud I can only open Photos and PDF files all other Microsoft files (word and Excel) will not open. The only options that I have for Microsoft products is to download them to open them. What have I done wrong???

If the file type does not support previews by the client apps (mobile and web) the following message will be displayed.


This is what I get on my Laptop and main PC although both have Microsoft 365 installed. Is it a settings in OS5? Or how can I solve this.

@Roy2; What you are seeing is a deliberate design choice from WD developers (“its not a bug; its a feature”)

The remote access is not acting as a “cloud server”; rather it is more like a FTP server where you DOWNLOAD FILES, work on them, and then REUPLOAD the files to the NAS. This is opposed to the dropbox/onedrive model where you actually work on the file directly from the server.

What you want to do (with a WD product); is actually establish a VPN connection to the drive. . .then the NAS will act more like it does on your home network.

There are probably reasons (my speculation) for this sub-optimal design choice. . . . the first is that WD marketing is thinking more about “Pretty Pictures” rather than “Business tool” in the design of the apps.

The second reason (I speculate) is practical. OneDrive and DropBox probably have gigabit upload speeds to the internet; and access is probably limited by the download speed of your device. With a NAS in your house. . you will be limited by the upload speed provided by your ISP. If you are in a third world country like the United States (where I am); I have 25mb download speed; but a paltry 5mb upload speed. . .the upload speed is VERY limiting for transferring and working with files. . . .and working with files directly over the internet is not practical.

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Hi I have informed by WD support that the oS5 does not support Microsoft application i.e you cannot open Word or Excel directly from the drive, although I have My Cloud Expert Series EX2 Ultra - you have to download it first on a PC. This is use for my business therefore I am looking for a replacement that can handle MS products

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It should read 'his is useLESS for my business therefore I am looking for a replacement that can handle MS products

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I can’t even read the files so don’t edit at all.

How I can’t imagine, but apparently WD thinks this move to OS5 is some sort of improvement. Before being forced to upgrade (joke) I had no issues at all accessing files on my phone and working with them, now all I get is the file is not supported, yet I can look at pictures with no issue. People using this My Cloud for business purposes should be able to see their documents without having to jump through hoops to do so.
Talk about taking a giant step backward.
Hope WD is happy because this is the last NAS I’ll be purchasing from them.

I’m also not buying the explanation above regarding bad upload speeds given these days most people have very decent speeds. OS3 worked perfectly fine as OS5 could have with 175Mbps up and down speed.

Those of you in the same boat I wouldn’t mind knowing what product out there is a better option if you’ve switched to something more user friendly.