Numbers (on Macbook Pro) not opening via My Cloud software


When I access My Cloud via Finder on my Macbook Pro and open Numbers documents they are fine, however if I try to open them remotely (when away from my network) using the WD My Cloud software app they do not open, it seems to want to use Preview and lists the files aa .jpg?

Does any know what I am doing wrong or if this is a WD sofware issue yet to be resolve?

(Excel files, Word documents and photos are all recognised and open fine).

When you access the files remotely, the file serving protocol used for serve the files through the WD software is different from the case where you access on the local LAN. The WD desktop software uses some filters, it looks like, to help the application access the file natively, but it is hit or miss depending on the file format. So the behavior you observed is not surprising given the implementation.

When you access files remotely, download them first, then use them locally, then copy them back to the NAS.

Thanks for your reply but that’s not really answered my question, does anyone know if .Numbers files (Mac) are/not supported by the MyCloud software?

As the software displays them as .jpg files you can only view them and can’t download them or edit them.

Thanks for your reply but that’s not really answered my question, does anyone know if .Numbers files (Mac) are/not supported by the MyCloud software?

Not likely as the filesystem on mycloud is not the same filesystem that Mac’s use. Thus the (assumed) Mac file you specify has an additional resource fork associated within it and contains meta data about the file (file association, version, icons etc). This meta data isn’t saved when saving over to a NAS drive.

All false.

In the My Cloud app window, a Numbers file appears as a folder. If you’re seeing a JPEG, then your drilling into the folder that is the actual file.

You can most certainly copy the FOLDER that represents the Numbers document to your desktop (or anywhere)–just drag-and-drop. If what you end up with is a .zip file, just double-click to expand it, and you’ll see your Numbers document locally. You can open, edit, whatever.

It works. I just tried it by copying a file from iCloud to my hard drive, then moving that to the My Cloud, then attempting to access the My Cloud file.

It works fine. You just have to get used to a Numbers “file” appearing as a folder.

To be a bit more precise: Numbers “documents” are actually packages. i.e., they are folders masquerading as individual, unique files (like iPhoto libraries, apps, and many other packages).

It is entirely understandable that they appear on the NAS as folders, as that is what they actually are.

Just copy the FOLDER to your drive, rather than drilling into it and fishing out individual pieces of it. Once bace on your Mac’s drive, it will appear once again as a single file (although it’s a package). This has nothing to do with different filesystems, resource forks, or metadata.