Unable to manage or access My Book World Edition II 4TB (White LEDs)

Hi guys,

I know there are many threads on this issue but none seems to be having the same issues as I am.

The NAS has a long history of dropping off the network but always came up again within a day or so. It dropped off again about 2 months ago and hasn’t come back up since.

My router detects it most of the time. Using the router’s admin I can see the NAS, it’s IP address, it’s MAC address, it’s manufacturer, it’s management URL and the hardware version (WDH2NC). WD Link though, on my primary PC which is on the same workgroup, says ‘No network storage found’. I’ve done soft resets, reboots etc, nothing makes any difference. I used a network cable to connect directly to the primary PC and neither WD Link nor WD Discovery can find it.

I power it down, plug the network cable into the NAS and router, then plug in the power and the bottom LED lights up. After 15 seconds or so the top LED lights for a few seconds then after a while the middle LED comes on so it then sits there with bottom and middle LEDs lit up. The power button doesn’t work at all and I can’t update the firmware etc as I can’t get to the admin tool.

It’s still under warranty so I’d send it back but, of course, need to get the data off the drives. It appears the data partitions are encrypted so how am I supposed to get the data off if the NAS is faulty? Not much point in having RAID if there is still a single point of failure, the box itself, and no data recovery procedure.

I’m no IT expert, just a home user who’s picked up bits of info across the years so please bear that in mind if and when you reply.

Thanks guys.

the data is not encrypted

however you’ll need a linux CD to recover the data from one of the drives

connect one of the drives to your computer and boot the linux CD to mount and retrieve the files

I have not done this myself but other users have already done  this on the community 

Thanks Wizer.

I’ve connected both drives to a linux PC and, using the Gnome Partition Editor (GParted) can see the 4 partitions. They show up as:

sdc1 - ext3 - raid

sdc2 - linux swap - raid

sdc3 - ext 3 - raid

sdc4 - not readable - raid

sdc4 is the 1.8TB data partition.

I could have sworn I’d seen posts saying the data was encrypted, costs between £400-700 to recover the data etc. but I’ve since found this http://blog.neutralaxis.com/201001/wd-mybook-world-edition-data-recovery.html which seems to indicate, for a non-raid setup at least, that they aren’t encrypted. I’ll investigate further.