No network connectivity after reset


I have a WD World Edition White Lights NAS.  I had issues where I could not access the admin page it just timed out.  After reading many forums still no luck so I tried a (soft) reset i.e. pushed the reset button on the back.  So I have gone from one problem to two.  The NAS is now not visible on the network, WD Discovery can’t see it and it’s not showing in my routers DHCP Client List.

It has been sitting idle for 2 hours and is now flashing a constant bar of lights which I believe means it is in stand by - therefore it should be ready - right?

I have another identical NAS which is working 100% WD Discovery picks it up etc.

Any suggestions for this issue are greatly appreciated.



It could be that the my book is not part of the same workgroup. Also try connecting the my book directly to the PC and check if it is recognized there.