Dead wd20000h2nc-00 My Book World Edition II network drive (white light)

Hi there,

I need some help. My lovely My Book has died and I need some help.

On power up the bottom light comes on, the top light then comes on briefly and then all lights go off and the disks spin down.

I’ve tried the reset button, power button and gone through the troubleshooting guide with no joy.

I’m more concerned about getting the data off the disks so any advice would be helpful.

I have the disks mirrored so they should be identical.

I have tried to mount one of the two disks under both windows and linux. Windows won’t mount them but shows the partitions and linux won’t mount them as it moans about each disk being part of a RAID.

Will WD help me? Does anone else have experience of recovering the data from the disks or any other advice?

Many thanks,


Anyone got any ideas? How can I read the data from either one of the discs? (Mirrored discs are identical right?)

Do I need to manage the partitions? Change them from RAID type?



Hi dkintheuk, sorry to hear you can’t access your files, before you try anything else I recommend you to contact support, they should be able to guide you on some solutions you can try.