Unable to install a replacement MyCloud Home device

I had purchase an installed a My Cloud Home device a few weeks back Installation was quick and easy using the supplied access code. Unfortunately the device failed after two weeks and I returned it and received a replacement unit. But I am unable to install that device, during the installation process it asked me if I already have an account, when I say yes it puts me into the previous installation and says unable to connect, device off line. I guess its looking for the old unit.
When I say new install/account, I get a message that I already have an account, and puts me back into the old installation and says device off line. At no point can I use the provided access code.
How can I delete my account and start a fresh installation? Or who can I get Windows 10 to find/access the new device?

this is currently a limitation of the my cloud home. Each email can only be used for a single device. if you want to use the same email for the new device contact WD support directly and they can remove the old device from your account and you should be able to set up the new one using the same email.

or you can use a different email to set up a new account and set up the new device.

Thank you, I will try the WD support route.

Hi, I received an Email from WD support saying that they would delete my account so I could do a fresh install, but to date my account is still there/active and I am unable to install the new device I purchased. Who can help me with that.