Unable to discover My Book Live. [Mac OSX Lion]

A member originally posted on Mar 30, 2012 that they were having this issue.

I was having the exact same issue myself. I found the answer but couldn’t reply to the original thread unfortunately.


"Brandnew My Book Live 3TB. 

Power plugged, ethernet cable plugged. 

Laptop (MacBook Pro Lion) connected to router ethernet port 1.  (Wireless turned off)

My Book Live connected to routher ethernet port 2.

Bottom light at the back is amber color, front light is greent. 

Run My Book Live Setup.app comes from the CD, > Discovery > failed, not found. 

What goes wrong? 

Thank you in advanced!"

Unplug the ethernet cable from your MAC computer.  The installation is able to find the device over wi-fi but not when the LAN is connected. Bizarre!

Hi, what network configuration you have? In your case, is the My Book connected to the same router as the Mac or is the Mac connected to a switch? 

I am hoping someone can help me with my issue on WD ShareSpace external USB Drives. I had 2 USB drives connected on my WD ShareSpace on port 1 and 2. I copied lot of data from WD ShareSpace to these both USB drives and now suddenly I can’t see any data on these drives. It looks like to me it’s something to do with access control on these USB drives. I also took these USB drives and connected to my laptop but still nothing. Please help me out!


Himanshu Desai