No light on My Book Live? & Time-out error when i'm installing

Dear Helpers,

When i connect the My Book Live to the router there comes a red light for several seconds but then it goes off and the light dissapears, so no light.

when i try to install on the setup.exe, i get a time-out error.

thanks in advance

Try a different cable (Ethernet) and try another port on the router. We need to make sure the drive light stays on. Once on check your network to see if the drive is showing there.

I’m having the exact same issue with a brand new My Book.  My guess is that it relates to the new firmware patch that is supposed to make the disk compatible with Apple’s Lion OS.  Are you also on a Mac?

Mine started to have the same problem. I recently updated my firmware to the lion one. My mac can still read it but no green light. Should I start to worry and buy another one to back up my data?

I also have a MAC but with OSX (Leopard) I also upgraded the firmware and now no longer have a green light. My drive also no longer copies the data from my MAC. I think I need to reload some software on my My Book Live, but does anyone know what I should re-load?