Unable to connect to network shares


I am trying to setup my Live HUB with the ultimate goal of connecting to my network shares.   I am connected through the wireless, and have downloaded all the latest firmware.

After setting the workgroup to match that of my home network, I was finally able to see the server with all my media on it.  I created a new user on the server “Media” and assigned it a password.  I properly set up the share permissions, and tested them with a different computer.

The problem I am getting that everytime I try to connect to the server, it asks for a username and password.  After supplying them, the WD Live churns for a moment before informing me the username and/or password are invalid.   I have tried using the Administrator account, the newly created account, renentered the password a few hundred times - all with no success.

I went to the advanced network sharing on the server, and switched to a ‘work’ network and opened up the permissions.  All with no success.

I was curious if others had a similar issue and new of a solution.

Thanks in advance.

On your computer try to disable password protected sharing, from the “change advanced sharing settings” section, if you have windows vista or 7.

Along with disabling password requirement in Win 7, also set the WD to use auto logon for network shares.  End of password problems.