Unable to connect to Windows 7 Computer

Hello all:

I have a WD Live TV connected wirelessly to my network.  Two computers (Win 7 Ult 64 bit), PS3 and XBoX connected also.

Everything sees the network and can access the drives except the WD.  It keeps asking for a username and password but my computer is not setup for password access.  I have the network discovery on and full access in the homegroup.

WD see it as workgroup.

When I try to view the files it comes up asking for a username and password.  The username is setup as anonomous with no password.  Have tried everything to get it to see but nothing works.

Any ideas?

When the password has not been setup you can use anonymous to login with no password

you can also  try entering the user name and password for the main user on the computer

Actually got it working this afternoon.  Only issue is that I have two drives with content.  When I select the drive it says “There is no media in the current folder.”

I have folders on the drives with media in those (to keep content seperated).  Not sure why it will not allow the browsing of the folders when I have access to the drives.