Accessing secondary drive on a networked machine

Hello All,

So I’ve bought the WD TV Live. Working perfectly other than accessing network drives. I have 3 computers that are on my home network. The WD sees them, but when I try to log into any of them using the windows login credentials (Username/Password), WD gives me the message that username/password are invalid. One of these is Win2003 server, the other XP sp3 and finallly Windows 7. 

I also tried logging in COMPUTER NAME/user + Password.

Also when I try to access shared videos on windows7 it only shows the default sample videos that come with windows7. All my videos are on the third drive in my computer which is drive E:. How can I get WD TV live to see that third hard drive on my win7 machine?

Thanks for all your help.

Would anyone please reply?

I have the same problem.

It has logged me to network shares though with my username and password for Windows7, but now it just won’t do that, and it asks for a username/password again.

I must have set off something in Windows, and that’s the problem, but I don’t know what it is.

PLEASE HELP. There’s no answer anywhere on the internet for this.

Been working on some of this myself.  Just found this on youtube  hope it helps.