Unable to connect to device or device disconnected msg on my samsung smart tv

i have 3tb mybooklive

it was working fine but last 2 days am unable to stream videos or pictures via my samsung smart tv

my tv shows up wdserver

some time it connect so quick but after streaming for 2 -5 min,it pause and play and  gives loading msg  after that  i get device disconnected msg

some time it keep on loading when i click on any folder

i checked my internet (Teksavy )is fine

there is solid/blinking green light on drive means it ok

router linksys EA6400 is up to date

i can acess mybook live via pc /laptop / that is fine

i can acess via WD2go app on my IOS devices thats fine as well

i any help is appreciated


Please bear in mind DLNA Media Streaming is a local service managed by your router and not affected by your Internet speeds. I would recommend performing a device reset by holding the reset switch located close to the power jack for at least 10 seconds. This will reset network settings on your WD My Book Live without affecting your data.

If this does not work then I would recommend rebuilding the Twonky database on the Dashboard management page.

I reset My WD mybook live ,i rest my Samsung Smart tv ,still having same issue it connects and after few min it diconnects but some time it work flawleass ,am still unable to resolve my issue ,majority of times it disconnects 

few months back i was having issue with mkv files that time wd support suggest my switching from twonky to WD server so am using wd server 

i contacted support week ago as i have warranty till 2016 but they didn get back to me regarding this issue 

Can u please provide more details on how to rebuild twonky database 



Please visit the following link for additional information for accessing the settings.


i try rebuilding the database still same issue ,also i disabled Hdd sleep and still same issue

i was wondering if there is issue with TV is that possible

its samsung smart tv

any help is appreciated