Unable to access admin panel. Help needed

Sorry to wake up and old thread but actually if you did a hard reset, and had a user account via the online cloud portal (my cloud) - you lose access to admin all together. The original admin with no password wont work. You can add new users with limited access but no way to the admin console browser. Any solution. Any way I can reset the device admin from the website / MyCloud.com ?

@shivamparikh Did you do a reset and if so what type of reset? Are you still able to get to the Dashboard?
Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

Image from the Dashboard>Settings>Utilities

Did you follow the instructions for resetting from the User Manual for your generation of My Cloud under Troubleshooting?


I use files.mycloud.com myself.

Solved it. It was odd. Using Safari or Chrome on MAC didnt work (latest OS) but using Windows Surface Pro (Latest Windows Build) I could login with no issues. No clue why that happened but logged me in ! Thanks. Revived a system I havent used in ages.