Twonky: Showing pictures/artwork at folder-level

Hello together,

what has to be set for Twonky-Media Server to be able to show pictures/artwork at folder-level ?

Via ssh I have set “artwork=1” for the folder-view-xml.

On my HDD I have a folder structure like this:

/music/[first artist-letter]/[artist]/[year]/[album] 

There is a folder.jpg in the [artist]-folder for each band.

But it is not visable for the UpnP cient yet.

I always see the first embedded folder.jpg as a cover of the first song of the folder struture below.

That is over-writing the folder.jpg of the [artist]-folder.

This should work with Twonky media server, or am I completely wrong ?

My songs have the covers embedded into them so they always show, no idea how to force Twonky to do it.

Covers (embedded in MP3 files) are also no problem for twonky … everything fine there.

it is about a separate folder.jpg for decoration/information for “higher” folders not containing music/movies files.

Just an example to show what I mean:

There is an (artist-) folder named “ABBA” containing serveral sub-folders.

Each ABBA-album (CD) has its own album-folder with the music-files for that album.

The (parent-/artist) folder “ABBA” has got a picture of the ABBA-band, named folder.jpg.

So by drilling down the nav-tree is a nice expierence to see the band before their albums appear.

This works fine with MBL and (for example) WD TV live SMP connecting via network-share.  

By using the twonky UpnP-media server with tablets and smartphones this is not working yet (for me).

But I think twonky has lots of possibilities to customize :wink: