Twonky Settings

Is there any way to adjust the Twonky settings in My Cloud so that CD album artwork displays correctly? I use My Cloud as a NAS drive and store my music collection on it. I stream to a wi fi enabled amplifier and although the music plays perfectly, the embedded artwork is blurry/pixelated. An i pod touch or i pad is used as a controller. If I copy some of the music to a USB stick and plug this directly into the amplifier the artwork displays correctly, so I believe that the server is the problem.
Any help and advice appreciated.


Currently, there’s no options through the settings on the drive to adjust twonky.

Perhaps, through SSH might be something that can be done. Let’s see if any of the users have tried that.

Also you might want to check on the twonky forums.

playing from USB memory does not really point to the server as it will not be using the DLNA player functions

there are some settings in the twonky admin http://mycloudIPaddress:9000 that may help, i forget the exact screen but you should be able to find your medai player and you could try other profiles to see if they help