Twonky media server lists only one artist named "VARIOUS"


I have copied around 9K worth of MP3s to the WD MyCloud EX2.

When I try to access the MP3 collection from my PC, the EX2’s Twonky media server presents a few options on how to view the media: Artist, Album, All Tracks, Artist Index… etc

When I select “Artist”, it only shows one entry named “Various”.  When I select Artist Index, it shows only “VWX”.

All my MP3 files are sorted into folders named according to the name of the artist.

Can someone comment on this and provide a solution.  Thank you.

If you have Windows 7, right-click on any of the mp3s on the EX2 and select properties. Go into Details tab. Then scroll to the Media section. Do you see any info for the Contributing Artists, Album Artist, etc.? If you don’t then that’s your problem - the ID3 tags are missing on your files and hence Twonky couldn’t build the MP3 db properly with the missing info and lumped all your music under the generic artist Various.

Thank you for your reply. The ID3 tags are properly populated. I solved the problem by relocating the artist folders to the root of the shared mount. Previously they were placed in a parent folder named “MP3” and Twonky must have lumped them all to “Various”. I was under the impression that Twonky would scan all sub directories for media and the depth of the file’s location wouldn’t matter.