Trying to roll back

hi guys,

im on version 3.03.16 and im trying to rollback to 2.07.17

can anyone please help me?

Download the firmware from the page below and follow the instructions.

@ leeharl

I Successfully Rolled Back my Firmware from 3.03.16 to 2.07.17 Today… this is my procedure

Download Rollback Firmware from Here:

Grab a  'USB Flash Drive" formatted to FAT32 … do a ‘Quick Format’ of the drive in ‘Windows’ then copy the Files to the Root of the Drive.

(Make sure it is a Normal Flash Drive… ie No U3 Partitions)





Before you Insert the Flash Drive into the Front USB of the Live Hub… (this is what i do, others may do different)

* Disconnect the Ethernet Cable or Wireless Dongle

* Apply the Default ‘Mochi Theme’

* Make sure in Settings… “Auto Detect New Firmware” is ON

Then Insert the “USB Flash Drive into the Front Port”*

In a couple of Seconds you should see the Prompt to Upgrade Firmware… press OK and confirm.

In about 5-10 Mins … it will be Finished.

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thanks joey will give it a try

i dont know whats happening but the wd logo is on the screen, the box is flashing and its just going on and on???

now it just seems the box is crashed and stuck on the logo screen.

i cant do anything

back up and running phewww

@ leehart

Edited:  Phew

Go to Setup and About … and Check the Firmware Version to make sure you are on 2.07.17

P.S. There is a lot of Flashing and Remaining on the Logo… this is a normal part of the Firmware Update Procedure.

I always, leave the room and come back in about 15mins as i cant stand the Suspense :smileyvery-happy:

You forgot to mention that the “new” firmware version shown will probably not be the one you expect to see. Mine for instance said 3.0317.


Sure, Before Rolling back… when you see the prompt to upgrade it will say 3.03.17

WD change the Version Number in Rollback everytime a new Firmware comes out, in this instance 3.03.16

(Ver. Number must higher than the current one you are running See: Setup>About)

Mine, after Successfully Rolling back,  In Setup > About … Says  2.07.17

Yeah, I should have been more specific-before you roll back.