Trying to permantly map my wd cloud to a network drive windows 8

To start out, i have windows 8… But I have been trying to figure this out via internet, and mapping this is becomming kind of a pain.  Computer -> Map Drive, doesn’t work.  Ok so maybe I didnt look that hard but I figured asking here would be quicker than scouering the internet for the answer.

What do you mean by it doesn’t work?

A few more details might be useful.

I’m sorry, was fustrated.  

I followed the directions via  Mapping a Personal Cloud Drive on the WD Knowledge base.  This worked with all the computers with windows 8 that I put it on, except one.  I keep getting an error message saying “unable to connect to wdmycloud” when attempting to map the drive.  I am able to connect through the browser base java app, and have tried both connected to it through that and not.  This is my problem, and if you need anymore information, just ask.  Help is appreciated.  

Again sorry for the lack of previous info.

For the computer that cannot connect. make sure there is no other software accessing the NAS with certain credentials, while you try to access with other credentials.

Then, in a command prompt type “net use * /delete”

In Windows control panel, in user account and family safety, credential manager, delete any stored credential.


Try again.

I’m having issues connecting it as a network drive, as well, and I usually know what I’m doing. This drive maeks me feel stupid.:cry:

It’s also transfering data slower than advertised. It could be my router, though. Grr.

What issues to do you have? How are you trying to connect? As you cannot connect through a mapped network drive, how do you measure the speed?