Im having trouble mapping drives in windows 8.1 NET USE

I dont get it…  This is a brand new Wdmy Cloud and I set it up properly same as my old Cloud thats going back to the store…

  Anyways.   I never had problems maping drives before.  When I run CMD and run NET USE there is only the Single drive listed “movies”   

  When I use the same username and password for the secong mapped drive it says “the network folder specified is currently mapped using a different user name”

but its not displayed in NET USE??  I only have one user on the windows 8 laptop and no other NAS devices or mapped drives.  I rebooted both the WDCLoud and the laptop.  Its driving me crazy 

I would try cleraring the credentials in credential mananger (somewhere in Control Panel, sorry I am on FreeBSD at the moment) (I would also delete all wd software and reinstall if using them just to be sure).

then run powershell as Administrator and do the following for each share

“net use /delete \server\share”

see if that helps.

in windows you can only have 1 active user connected to a remote system, this means if you wand to connect to share A, B & C on the mycloud they all need to have permission set for user Z and Z is used for the connection. also you need to connect to a private share berfore and public shares or all you connections are as public. the username does not need to pach the PC username

as pointed out above you may need to clear the credentials however reinstalling the WD apps will not help and are not reqiured for use