Trying to copy a share on a dying WDMyCloud via ssh to and external hard drive via usb

Hello, I hope you are all well today.

My WDMyCloud is dying, I have had it for five or six years. I am trying to copy all files from a share to an external hard drive via SSH. Needless to say, it wont maintain a connection to my PC for very long over Ethernet and the connection drops during the file copy. Doing it through windows just wont work anymore.

Firmware = v04.05.00-342

I have used the following commands:

df -h -x squashfs

Which returned

Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
rootfs 1.9G 637M 1.2G 35% /
/dev/root 1.9G 637M 1.2G 35% /
tmpfs 40M 9.2M 31M 23% /run
tmpfs 40M 64K 40M 1% /run/lock
tmpfs 10M 0 10M 0% /dev
tmpfs 5.0M 0 5.0M 0% /run/shm
tmpfs 100M 10M 91M 10% /tmp
/dev/root 1.9G 637M 1.2G 35% /var/log.hdd
ramlog-tmpfs 40M 20M 21M 49% /var/log
/dev/sda4 5.5T 2.0T 3.4T 38% /DataVolume
/dev/sda4 5.5T 2.0T 3.4T 38% /CacheVolume
/dev/sda4 5.5T 2.0T 3.4T 38% /nfs/twonky
/dev/sda4 5.5T 2.0T 3.4T 38% /nfs/Share1
/dev/sda4 5.5T 2.0T 3.4T 38% /nfs/Public
/dev/sda4 5.5T 2.0T 3.4T 38% /nfs/SmartWare
/dev/sda4 5.5T 2.0T 3.4T 38% /nfs/TimeMachineBackup
/dev/sda4 5.5T 2.0T 3.4T 38% /nfs/Share2
tmpfs 1.0M 0 1.0M 0% /etc/samba/msg.sock
/dev/sdb2 3.7T 1.1T 2.7T 28% /var/media/Storage
/dev/sdb2 3.7T 1.1T 2.7T 28% /nfs/Storage

When I try to copy share2 to storage via this command:

cp -nR /dev/sda4/nfs/Share2/* /dev/sdb2/nfs/storage/mydir/ (where mydir is a directory I have placed on the storage drive)


cp -nR /dev/sda4/nfs/Share2/* /dev/sdb2/nfs/storage/

it returns:
cp: accessing `/dev/sdb2/nfs/storage/mydir/: Not a directory

Please help me to provide the correct syntax to the WDMyCloud through the linux cp command so I can properly retrieve my files.

P.S. I have experience with linux, I’m a retired IT worker and unfortunately I am quite rusty at this point,

Thank you.

try cp -nR /nfs/Share2 /nfs/storage.

it appears you have your drive mounted at “/nfs/Storage” (capital ‘S’), yet in your cp command you appear to use “/nfs/storage” (small ‘s’)…paths/filenames are case sensitive :wink:

Thanks, I forgot about where drives were mounted in command line. In this case /nfs/Storage. I forgot about the case sensitive issue too. It’s been a long time. My skills have dwindled over time. I found this however, someone suggested this to me in a Ubuntu forum:

rsync -vraz /nfs/Share2 /nfs/Storage/MyDir

This seems to be working well.

I finally got to where I could read both of your posts.

Thanks to both of you for your help. If anything, I have learned I need to bring my skills back up.