Enable copy/move files/folders between two WD MyCloud's via App


It is impossibe to copy or move files or folders from one MyCloud to another within the same network without passing the data trough the phone or the PC. Both MyClouds are visible in the app and you can start the copy procedure. But the activity log shows up an error.

The WD support confirmed that this function is not supposed to work and suggested that I should start an inquiry here.

Would be nice if the programmers would implement this tiny little feature which would help me saving a lot of time! :slight_smile:

This isn’t quite true. There are no official WD supported methods of copying from one My Cloud to another other than using SafePoint. There is however several ways to do so via SSH.

One such way is discussed in the following link: Remote Linux server to remote linux server dir copy. How?

There are several prior discussions in this subforum on how to copy from one NAS to another. Others may be found by using the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon at top right).