Trying to clone, computer restarts after initiation, then nothing

Using Arconis True Image WD Ed on Win 8.1. Have installed, then repaired. My computer just wants to restart after the cloning begins, and I let it cause it says it’s a program requirement. But then, after quite some time, I am just back to my home screen, with no Arconis program running. Have gone through this cycle several times. My Arconis program screens/commands do not resemble those on their instructions from point 6 on, and their instructions do not include anything about restarting! Here’s a link to the Arconis Cloning page: Please Help!

I do have the following on My Passport - Entire PC (pc’s name) full_b2_s1_V1 Upon inspection, it does look like the machine was cloned. now if I could just get it to do it on a scheduled basis.


I recommend you contact WD support for assistance with this.