Troubleshoting after debricking

Hi there!

My MBL was bricked due to transmission installation, so I debricked it following instructions from this forum. It was successfull, I’v recreated my shares and users but to the end of this procedure device sent me 2 messages:

  1. New firmware could be installed

  2. Drive SMART error. Couldn’t pass selftest. Go to service center

(It is my translation from Russian so it could be incorrect)

What could it be? What me to do? Device seems workable. The only problem is SmartWare doesn’t work. It was configured before the bricking and tryes to backup my data but have no access to the MBL (actually, to the share named SmartWare. I tryed to recreate it but MBL said it was error 33152 - Couldn’t create shared folder. Try again.

The question still the same - what me to do?

the shares have to be recreated in the UI. The data in the shares in still there, but it needs to have its path respecified by recreating the shares. 

you need to update the firmware to the latest version

Thanks, man!

I think it’s OK now. I’v updated firmware, and the device status became “good”. After this I’v recreated SmartWare folder without errors.