Drive SMART error

Hi there!

It is secondary request because first solution was not successfull.

My MBL was bricked due to transmission installation, so I debricked it following instructions from this forum. It was successfull, I’v recreated my shares and users but to the end of this procedure device sent me 2 messages:

  1. New firmware could be installed

  2. Drive SMART error. Couldn’t pass selftest. Go to service center

(It is my translation from Russian so it could be incorrect)

I’v upgraded firmware to MyBookLive 02.43.09-038 : Core F/W but Drive SMART error still persists. In the same time LED indicator is constant green (was red before firmware upgrade). Also I can’t do short or full diagnostics from Utilities. It says “Try again or call support”.

What can I do?


I recommend you contact support for assistance.

Contact WD

Tried for all day yesterday. This does not work.