My Book Live firmware glitches

I recently bought two WD MBL 2 tb drives for friends back up needs. For the first one I did the firmware update immediately and  then got an error code when I registered the unit (although it went through), Also the full diagnostic test locked at 10%.  Emailed support and they told me to reset the unit and try again. Didin’t bother.

I tried to register the second unit without the  firmware upgrade, got an error code, and once again, the full diagnostic test locks at 10%.

I’ve had one of these for a couple of years and it works fine, so I’m disappointed that these two are problematic out of the box.  Any suggestions to get the full diagnostic to run, and is the latest firmware update stable enough to install on the second unit? 


As a recommendation, reset the units back to factory defaults.

Please  see page 69 of the user manual

Thank you for your response. I had the same issues with the second unit, straight out of the box. It seems these problems are common to the two different firmwares (at least for me).