Completely bricked My Book Live

I upgraded to the latest firmware from the dashboard, now completely bricked? Cant even see it with the discovery program on the install disc.

Power is on, network attached light is on but nothing.

It really frustrates me as I’ve done nothing wrong. Been working for 2 months from new no problems ??

We are sorry to hear that. If the drive is not responding after a failed firmware update and all troubleshooting steps have been exhausted, we recommend replacing the drive.

I need the data off it, a warranty replacement would be no good for me. I’ve stripped the drive out and at the moment trying to retrieve it

did you get your data off the drive?

Encountered this after a power outage occurred while I was updating the firmware.

Had to resort to following the instructions contained in this article to debrick the unit…

Tried these steps to unbrick it… didnt work

Only manged to get around 400 GB of data.

The thing that really bothers me is why should we have to do this… It was an update they recommened which has wrecked their drive and my data.

I only bought a WD as they have a great name in hard drives etc… not anymore in my mind, a real shame.

Yeah… Got all my data recovered in the end

Did the unbricking and managed to retrieve about 75% of the data on my 3TB MBL before it bricked up again.  Wonder why that happened so had to strip the drive again, run the debrick script again, this time with the latest firmware and hopefully will be able to retrieve what’s left to be recovered before I send the drive back for a replacement.

What I noticed when I gparted the drive was that it now had 2 unknown partitions in sda2 and sda3.  When I first debricked the drive, there was only 1.