Trouble With SD Copy IN Field

Got the WD My Passport Wireless Pro 6 months ago to use to back up my SD cards while on vacation. Out in the field, I just plugged them into the fully charged drive and it appeared that they were copied. The files were a bit hard to find when I got home and plugged the drive into a USB port on my desktop - buried down deep in the directory structure. It looks as if all the .mp4 files from my GoPro have an added extension of .jpeg on them and they are ~200Kb images rather than multi Gig video files. So the file name looks something like GH013634.MP4.jpeg. They are just image files. Also all of my image files from my Nikon D5100 and D7500 are renamed with jibber jabber added like .cb62bbdd389b48898f2e5244977cb2c5 and resized to 1024x682 or something similar. Is this standard procedure for WDs backup plan? All the cards were either SanDisk 32G Extreme Pro SDHC or SanDisk Extreme Pro 64G Micro SDXC. Am I doing something wrong? Why did I think that the WD My Passport Wireless Pro external HDD battery Bank would copy the card by simply inserting it?

The file name you are describing sounds like the thumbnail name in the system hidden folder and not the actual file backup from the SD card. Pls contact the WD support team.

I had already sent the info to support but have not received a reply yet. I looked at all of the files on the Wireless Pro and none of them are the files that are from the cards. Only some iterations of those files.