2 problems with new MPW

Hello, 1st post

Just finished setting up my wireless passport, in anticipation for my caribean gopro extravigansa im leaving on this weekend. 

1st issue.  I am not getting ANY information in the capacity section of the dashboard.  No pie chart with colored sections dictating what is where and how much.  Just an empy gray box. 

2nd issue.  When i click over to the Media tab, I get this error

  • nternal server error. Retry your last operation. If the error persists, contact WD Support for assistance. (200500)

  • get_jobs_http_500

I have done a factory reset and re-set it up and still occurs.  I also cant successfully transfer any data from the inserted SD card, which is essentially why I purchased this. 

Any help would be great


i JUST got some sort of firmware update and things seem to be working.   strange… REALLY REALLY strange 

Update 3

I have been able to pretty much do everything I should be able to, to include transfer SD card data.  Except that process has been hit or miss.  Take card directly form GoPro and insert it via adapter.  Was able to transfer twice so far successfully with the original data being MOVED not Copied (what I want)

Now every now and then I am getting a warning on the dashboard that the SD card is unsupported.  Not sure where to go with this.   any ideas?

What card(s) are you using that give the warning? Be specific about the brand and exact model number.

Also, did I understand that correctly? You want to move the files from the SD card to the MPW, rather than copy?

I would advise copying, giving you the chance to check the files on the MPW via the MyCloud App, and then delete them from the SD card if you are happy. The MyCloud App supports deleting individual files, or tagging several files and then deleting the tagged files, so the delete process isn’t onerous.

Losing once off GoPro footage would be . . . disappoointing.

I find that the transfer process is far more reliable if the MPW is powered by its charger. I had reliability issues before I did this, when copying lots of photographic images.

However, I still had issues when I was transfering video files totalling 32 GB or more at a time. My Replay XD video camera creates 2.24GB files, so 32Gb is made up of 16 or so files, plus another 16 low resolution files of the same videos. I could not rely on the MPW to successfully copy all these files every day while travelling, even when powered by the charger. I also had a little file corruption, but I think that was a camera issues rather than and MPW issue.

Plus, as you found out, the latest firmware fixes lots of issues.

im using this EXACT card here 


SanDisk Extreme 64GB UHS-I/U3 Micro SDXC

I have found an issue with the adapter, since the same card and adatper had a hard time mounting into my MBP … tried a different adapter and have been able to transfer files about 8 times successfuly. 

I intentionally want to move the files at first b/c i wasnt able to connect with the mycloud app.  today i was able to get that working so i will be switching the setting to copy and verifying the copy and then formating the card back on the gopro …  

after all this headache , it would have certianly been easier to just bring my MBP .  LOL…  

still playing with the MPW … i even tried a regular 32G class 10 card and the difference in transfer speeds is incredible when compared to the I/U3 one i listed above.  

still want to play with it a lot over the next few days before i am confident it will do what i need .  

I used the MPW with GoPro videos for over a week on a ski trip to France. Only one time I came back from dinner to find the MPW with flashing lights. So I just copied the files again. That was the only mishap.

I agree with coping the files first. Then I would connect with my smart phone and see that they were tranfered, then I would rename the file Day1a, Day1b, Day 2, etc. I never was able to view the videos off of the MPW, but the file sizes were the same as on the GoPro so I felt  they were transfered OK. Then I would just reformat the SD in the GoPro. The one time the MPW did mess up, it seemed that it transfered the files anyway. So I renamed it and did the tranfer again (to be on the safe side) and renamed it Day1 extra.

I also did the transfers with the MPW plugged in. I used the iTB model and didn’t come close to filling it up.

I use the SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB UHS-I/U3 Micro SDXC, which is a lttle bit faster. I buy memory cards for the speed I can copy off them, rather than the write speed (as long as it is fast enough for the device it is used in), because of the time it takes to back up multiple cards.

But it makes little difference in the MPW which only achieves 10 to 12 MB/s copy speed anyway, because the internal SD Card Reader seems to be connected to the main board via USB2.0 or equivalent. No USB3.0 speed there.

Still, it is fast enough for backing up video each night on a trip away. I just gave up after a couple of days as I noted that some files weren’t copied across, and I had an alternate backup facility in the group I was travelling with. We backed up about 26 video cameras, mostly GoPros, every night to five 2TB USB3.0 drives via a laptop with USB3.0 ports, and a nine port USB3.0 hub. It took hours every night. But then we had a support vehicle to carry all the extra stuff. We were all on motorcycles.

Many “regular 32G class 10” cards can’t even really achieve the 10MB/s sustained write speed they are supposed to, and their read speeds, the important thing here, aren’t much better.

You would think all adapters, being just a wiring connection, would all work. But I have heard other people say that a particular adapter doesn’t work with faster cards. I now use the adapters that came with the SanDisk Extreme Pro cards, since they should be the best quality and handle any speed cards I have now.

Anyway, learn the My Cloud App well. Watch ALL the training videos as there are some tips and tricks in them that are not really covered in the manuals. Of course the interface has changed a little since the videos were made, but they give you the idea.

I hope it all goes well for you and you get great footage!

I am already fairly familiar with the MYCloud app as I have had an actual My Cloud for a few months now… and when it works the app is great.  I finally have been able to do a solid test run with gopro footage transfer, successfully.  Actaully did it about 5 times with flawless results. 

I was already using the SD card adapter that came with the card, and that was the one that was all screwed up.  I ended up using another Sandisk adapter with no issues.  I did notice the orignal one I was using doesnt stick in as far as the one that I am using that does work.  Strange 

Thanks for the tips guys!   REALLY appreciate it 

I’m sure you already know this and have done it but, make sure the MPW has the latest firmware update. It makes a HUGE differance of the drive be “useable” and not.

I’m also using the Sandisk Extreme Pro and could back up an entire 64GB disc in a little over an hour. Even did it once or twice without plugging the MPW in and it worked just fine.