Trouble restoring backup after computer failure

After replacing computer I installed all the WD files - including WD Backup. When I clicked on “Restore” I get the message: “There are no files to restore. You have not scheduled a backup plan.” The drive (G) shows up and I can see the backup files. I am afraid to set up a backup for fear of losing my valuable files. I’m using Windows 10 with a 4TB WD .

I’m probably missing something obvious. Thanks for any help.


Mostly WD Backup not pick the backed up files created from previous computer. In this case, you can manually copy the backup files stored under "WDBackup.swstor >> PC name >> Volume “” folder in drive.
Set up of new backup, will not affect the previously backed up data. Instead of this, it will store new backup files under your PC name folder in WDBackup.swstor .

Thank you, asp73! I can’t help wondering what is the use of a backup if it can’t be restored after a failure such as this. I’ll follow your advice but when I backup in the future I won’t use WD software!