WD Backup Doesn't Find My Back-up File to Restore to a New PC

I’m trying to recover all of my data from my EASYSTORE drive backup. (not any system, just data/pictures) When I install the WD Backup application I can only get to a point where it allows me to click restore and select my EasyStore drive, but will not find the backup file/folders on the drive to select anything to restore. I tried downloading the Acronis software, but this seems confusing and I obviously don’t want to screw anything up. Any guidance or help is greatly appreciated. I’ve never had to restore a backup before, so maybe I’m missing something here…Thanks!

Sometimes, Restore option of the WD Backup does not work as it should.

The best method you can opt for is the manual restore of the data stored in the External hard drive.

As per your screenshot, you can copy all the data manually and paste it on the desired folder of your computer in order to restore it.

Moreover, If you want to access the data that you have backed up through WD Backup you can refer to the link given and drag and drop that particular folder on your computer to restore the backup data.

Not terribly helpful to tell me that it doesn’t work. Is there a fix for this bug? It was recognized, but I needed to restart and now it won’t let me restore. It only gives me the option of setting up a backup plan and starting a new backup from and empty machine. I don’t want to do a new backup in order to restore. PLEASE FIX your software.