Transmission update

So I just updated to Firmware 2.10.302 (is that the new OS3 ??) and was wondering about the Transmission app version 1.05 i have on My Cloud Mirror.  Is there an update to this app?  Do I need to manually uninstall and reinstall from the app screen on My Dashboard?

On a side note, since the new firmware update it takes sometimes several minutes for Transmission to even show up on the list and sometimes not at all.  Once you hit the Configure button to start it it lags BIG time now.  :(

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Installable apps are mostly independent from the firmware update. An individual (Advanced) installation may be required in order to perform an update, if applicable.

So I did uninstall and reinstall and it still uses the old 1.05 version. I get that you aren’t responsible for 3rd party software but since you DO feature it on your website and include it as a default option in possible apps to install, could you update the link to a more current version. I see there are threads that describe all sorts of Advanced ways of doing this. Just looking to save myself some headaches if something goes wrong since I’m not a pro at the command line on this device. I’m sure others might benefit from this? Thanks!