Transmission Update or Deluge Install

Hi all. I have searched every single thread here about updating Transmission and it is just super hard and I just don’t understand it.

Is there any STEP BY STEP tutorial for this to be done?

Is there an install for Deluge?

I just want to have a Torrent downloader working on the NAS.

Any help would be wonderful. Thanks all.

Try this
Login with admin - admin.

I want to thank you for all you do. I have noticed in all the threads I have been reading that you are like the best at helping. So thanks so much.

I installed the BIN downloaded from the site you provided me. When I clicked on CONFIG, it opens up a tab but it is asking me for a user and password. Do you know what it is?

Should I have the Transmission that comes with WD apps installed and then INSTALL your VERSION, or can I just have yours installed alone?

Also, I read a lot of people suggesting to leave WD and get a qnap or synology NAS. Would you recommend that or do you believe WD NAS is really good and I should just get working whatever is working?

Login with admin - admin.
This package is based on the synocommunity build.
I’d recommend to uninstall the WD version first, then install this package.

Note that installing third party packages is at your own risk.
Consider this package to be experimental.

THANKS SO MUCH TFL. Seems to be working perfect right now :). I am still considering moving over to synology as this seems to be a hassle to get something common to work.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks for posting this. It’s working pretty well but I’m having a slight problem with the permissions on the files and folders it downloads.

The permission on the folders is drwxrwxr-x and on the files is -rw-rw-r–. This means I need to SSH as root if I want to manipulate the files.

Do you have any suggestions about where I might look to address this? I can’t even seem to find the config file.

Thanks for reporting this!

The permissions of the downloaded files can be set with the umask setting. A value 2 corresponds to chmod 775, while you may want a value of 0 to get chmod 777.
The configuration file sits in /usr/local/transmission/var/settings.json afaik… I’d need to check to be sure.
After updating the config file, restart transmission by disable/enable in the WD web UI.

The proper way to fix this is with users and groups, which is cumbersome to do with the OS3 stack.
Just use docker or another OS if you need this.

Note: this package has a lot of differences with the recently bumped WD package. Stick to the one you prefer.

Thanks for responding so fast.

Unfortunately changing the unmask value to 0 doesn’t appear to have changed anything.

And before you ask I did restart the app in the web console. :slight_smile:

Your existing downloads are not affected. Fix them with this

find /your/download/path -type d -exec chmod 777 {} \;
find /your/download/path -type f -exec chmod 666 {} \;

Did you try adding a new torrent?

Yes it was a new torrent. I didn’t expect it to update existing downloads. That wouldn’t make any sense.