Transferring files from PC with Wireless Pro

How do you transfer files when both PC and Passport is on the same network?

If your MPWP is connected to your network (meaning you connect to it as you would a cell phone to your wi-fi,) then they are both on the same network, and you would transfer files from PC like you would if drive was connected to PC., If you connect to the MPWP using its own wireless signal they are not on the same network. If you have a lot of files to copy to MPWP, the best, easiest and fastest way to transfer is by connecting the MPWP directly to PC usb port. Wireless is much slower.Refer to the complete user manual for MPWP.

My MPWP is on my network. I can see it and the dashboard comes up. But I don’t see a way to transfer files. When I click on the MPWP storage icon in the file explorer all it does is open the dashboard instead of the devices folder structure.