What transfer speeds over Wifi are normal for MPWP?

it seams to me that my WD My Passport Wireless Pro tranfers files onto and of a device fairly slowly. I whould like to know what transfer speeds are you experiencing? Since I don’t have a proper measurement tool I simply measure the time durring up and downloading with the my cloud app.
Are 4-5 MB/s over a 5Ghz Wifi too slow? The Ipad ist directly connected to the MPWP.


Your MPWP is not the issue. It is very fast, almost as fast as my WD NAS. The problem is with your other equipment.

I just finished copying a very large mp4 video file (3.6 GB) from my older gen1 MPW to win 10 laptop in less than a minute at a speed of 90-100 MB /sec.

to enable this i connected the MPW to USB of LAPTOP no wireless used . My laptop is gigabit, router is too – my whole system runs at gigabit, MPW and PC both use USB 3. Max transfer speed I get is 113 MB/sec when I copy between my NAS with other devices.

Bottom line for you is you need to upgrade devices and use wired connections.

Thanks, Mike for the Answer. Indeed connected via USB, it delivers 100 MB /sec. But to be honest I bought this product for wireless usage. And frankly speaking, WireLESS is in the product’s name. Of course, I could connect the MPWP via USB to NAS and my Ipad via USB-C to Ethernet to the NAS, but that’s not the use case for this drive.

It would be useful to know what are the transfer rates via WIFI among other users.

I’ve edited the title maybe it was a little bit confusing.

There are two ways to wirelessly connect to MPW. One is directly to its internal wi-f’i Another way is to connect MPW to home network router wi-fi which is faster with greater range.

If connecting via internal wi-fi, MPW should be a few feet from device, e.g. a PC. If connecting via home network MPW should be a few feet away from ROUTER.
Your problem. is how you connect, not with your MPW. Always connect with 5G.

As I said, I’m getting those 4-5 MB/Sec over the 5Ghz Wifi. The 2,4 is deactivated. And it’s directly connected and close by the device. So I guess no problem there, right?

What transfer rates are you getting via Wifi, directly connected?

I use my MPW only for media files I can enjoy on my phone and tablet. Works great. I got all these files on MPW by USB wired method, not wireless. method. I NEVER transfer files via wireless unless they are small. I know better, but for you I did it and got low speeds like you.

Yhe MPW is designed for uses like mine. Use wired connection for all bur the smallest files. Case closed.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Personal preferences of utilizing this drive and the several ways of connecting are important, but can also be discussed in another thread.

I would appreciate it if this thread would become purely about measured speeds using wireless transmission.

If you have any other questions or comments you can call WD.