Slow Internet Connection with My Passport Wireless

Hi … 

I try to use my wirless internet at home while using wd my passport wirless for backup, thing is that the only way to do so is

though connecting my pasport to the router and access the internet through my passport, but this gives me slow connection I have 100 MB fiber connection my passport gives me around 5 MB maybe, so is there anyway to solve this problem ?

I dont want to switch between networks every time.

Kindest Regards

My MPW is constantly connected to my router/network continuously.  Once connected to your network both the MPW and your other devices are all on the network equally, and you need to switch your phone, tablet, computer etc off of the My Passport wireless signal and connect to your router’s wi-fi signal.  Your MPW is still connected to the network even when you do not see a separate My Passport signal anymore (it is hidden once you are on the network)and your MPW is still working.

For example, My MPW is connected to my network, but I never try to reach the My Passport signal, I just connect to either of my wireless signals on 2.4G or 5G.  If I want to listen to music or watch video from the MPW I start up the My Cloud app and it finds the MPW on the network and plays the media.  I also can check my email from the mobile device.  I can even add files to the MPW from the computer which is also (hard wirede)on the network. 

I suggest you download a copy of the complete user manual for the MPW from WD.  Read through the parts about putting and using the MPW on your home network.  Your internet speeds might be affected because your MPW and router are far apart.from one another. 

My setup is this:  MPW is plugged into its charger at all times, my MPW is right next to my router, and MPW is connected to network, as I said.  I have NO issues with network speeds or internet speeds, because the MPW is just another device on my network, but because it is connecting to network via wireless it needs strong signal transfers to the wireless network.