Network issue when I connect my device to wireless WD passport


I bought 2TB wireless WD passport hard disk. When I connect it through WiFi to my Samsung tablet, my tablet stops supporting the network of telecom operator. So whenever I connect my device to hard disk, I cannot receive/make calls or use internet.

Please assist me in resolving this issue.



Can you share the operating system on your Samsung tablet and confirm if you are using the WD MyCloud mobile application to connect to the My Passport Wireless?

Whenever you DIRECTLY connect a mobile device to the MPW unique wi-fi signal, you disconnect from your home network wi-fi, because you are now on a different network…Tthis is normal. BUT, you can be connected to BOTH if you follow the directions for concurrently connecting the MPW to your network. Tis all explained in the complete user manual you need to have. Once connected this way, you access the MPW through your home wi-fi as you did before you got the MPW. From this point on, every time you want to use your MPW at home it will re-connect to the home wifi and you have both MPW and home network (and internet) connection. The only time you would connect the NPW to it’s own wi-fi signal is when you are away from home.
If your MPW ever looses ability to connect to home network, just set it up that way again.

Hi @mike27oct!

Do you think that if you connect your device directly to MPW you could get higher transfer rates that using the home network? I have this idea in mind, I don’t know why.


This is how I ensure getting the best data transfer rate:

I place the MPW as close to the router as practical when it is connected to the home network.This gives a good 2.4G link. I leave the MPW there, because my mobile devices have the whole house area with wider and better wi-fi. Also, because I have excellent 5G coverage, I connect my mobile device onto the 5G signal of router. This adds some speed and another path for the signal received. I can tell that more complex videos work better this way and there is no stutter as there can be if I was on 2.4G